The official completion of the SWAP of the IMPL network coins to the IMPLH network.

Dear members and partners of the Impleum community. We are glad to announce the completion of the swap of the Impleum network to the ImpleumX network. Over the SWAP window of two months, our network has been transitioning to the new ImpleumX network. 10,345,765 IMPLs were transferred to the new IMPLX network. This is equivalent to 1,293,220 IMPLX in the new network at the time of completion of the SWAP. All excess coins that did not participate in the Swap in the near future after the stabilization of the network (which will be announced in advance) will be sent to a non-existent address and burned.

Separately, we would like to express our deep gratitude to the Molie team, which helped with the swap process to the new network.

P.S. In the near future, the team plans to decide on new exchanges on which the listing process will be launched, which will also be announced in advance.

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