All what you need to know about Impleum?

Impleum is a powerful and scalable path to develop decentralized applications (DApps). Impleum has PoS v3.0 and profitable MasterNodes.
A large growing community and real projects, launched on Impleum Blockchain distinguish the Impleum from the masses of others.

Open ecosystem of apps based on the Impleum blockchain platform.

Impleum is a powerful and scalable path to develop decentralized applications. By leveraging Impleum's masternodes, developers can easily create DApps that are not only highly secure, but also highly scalable. The core of Impleum platform is an object-oriented programming language C# with a huge developer community.

Unstoppable DApps

Scale efficiently with masternodes.

DApps use the decentralised capabilities of blockchain technology and a layer of powerful service nodes to route information. This provides a high resistance to external attack. The software a widely dispersed system, that is why it cannot be destroyed. The cryptographic encryption of the system keeps your information private.

A flexible blockchain solution

Seamless integration of blockchain solutions on the software.

Impleum main chain currently hosts the IMPL coin will be future hub for all sidechains. Impleum side chains allow businesses to easily deploy their own customised blockchains without the overheads inherent in running their own blockchain network infrastructure. Side chains will house all the data of your DApp, scaling effortlessly in tandem with your evolving project.

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Upcoming DApps

An exciting step in the field of private, decentralised applications.

web app

Quizi is a powerful marketing tool. It is a service of convenient and informative quizzes and polls, the results of which are saved in the blockchain. They stay reliable and unchangeable forever. Discover answers to the most provocative question or pass the test and get reward in cryptocurrency. Settle the old dispute. Express your opinion and share it with your friends.

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web/mobile app

Multifunctional decentralized messenger,
combining the possibilities of classic messenger, search engine and multi-currency crypto wallet.

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web service

Comin is global commercialization system. Through the Affiliate Network Comin connects product owners to content sites to drive buyers and increase sales. Comin provides an e-commerce widget that takes advantage of impulse buying behavior: the widget shows a product tied to the content of a blog post. Products are automatically matched by Comin system using machine learning. The process of buying goods is made directly from the content website without passing visitors to the store site, and offline processing of orders is carried out by the seller of goods.

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mobile game

Old Style Racing is a classic time killer for iPhone and iPad. It was designed as a retro cars racing game. The game control is all about double tapping. Showing top results in this game is a tremendous challenge. The gist of the game comes down to maneuvering a car between barriers on the road and collecting coins. Coins can be exchanged for IMPL. First you need to go to the account and withdraw your coins on your Impleum wallet.

Coming soon

Mining Opportunities

Impleum based on a proof-of-stake, in the sense that PoW is used only for the initial distribution of the first block of IMPL.


Proof-of-Stake just is a mechanism that allows the network to confirm transactions and prevent fraud. However, it does not require any resource intensive calculations to be performed. The only reqirement is to have some IMPL coins in your balance and keep your IMPL Wallet connected to the network. Periodically, your ballance will be increasing as new coins are awarded to you for your support of the IMPL Network.


Impleum Masternodes are computers that are constantly connected to the Impleum Network and perform certain tasks allowing Impleum to achieve faster and more private transactions. To run the Impleum Masternode one is required to have a certain amount of IMPL in their balance, as collateral, and fulfil other requirements imposed by the protocol. Designed to create a circulating coin supply, help provide the coin price stability needed for mass-market adoption.

A Proof of Stake Coin for Everyone

Staking your Impleum not only secures and stabilizes the network. It also rewards you with an annual interest rate based on the current block reward. The more you earn, the more earning potential you have. This key difference puts the earning power in your hands and not powerful mining cartels. On the source code level of this project conceived the interest (for storing coins in the user's wallet) that is involved in calculating the reward for finding a block.

Annual Staking Rate

Staking Impleum yields you with an annual interest rate listed below.
Current rate: 5 IMPL
Max Supply: 100,000,000


The swap at a ratio of 8:1

It is worth noting that significant changes will take place within the IMPL Ecosystem, as well as with the IMPL coin, during the upcoming month. All these changes are required to implement a hyper-deflationary model and allow users to significantly increase their benefits from owning IMPL coins. In this article, we have collected the most popular questions about the process of the IMPL coin swap and will provide you with detailed answers.

Cross-platform and web wallets

Impleum features accessible wallets through graphical user interfaces (GUIs) across all major operating systems (Windows, macOS, and Linux). Impleum wallets are distinguished by a set of supported software platforms (desktop and mobile). Setting up your wallet takes minutes, and will encrypt your funds with the highest level of security, and allows you to stake your IMPL for greater interest rewards over time. For more technical users, command line interface (CLI) wallets are also available.

Road Map

We’re excited to present our Roadmap features for 2018.

The Team

Technology innovators, advisors and proven entrepreneurs created Impleum platform and make an efforts to develop infrastructure.

Core Contributors

Anton Yaroshenko

Blockchain / C#

Pavel Kurianov

Blockchain / C#

Vladimir Kalmyk

Unix / Linux IT architect

Borislav Laugh

Community manager

Ruslan Filipchuk

Blockchain / C#


Eddie Wang

Business Strategy Advisor

Co-founder of Luxor Technologies

Eddie is an exceptional strategist, business developer. Currently working intimately with Blockchain services and technologies as Sia Decentralized Storage and Luxor Technologies. Passionate about decentralization, governance, and abstracting Blockchain complexities through product design.
Michael Lane Thomas

Technical Advisor

CIO at Vision Ridge Technologies

Michael has gained 20 years of enterprise IT and business development serving the frontline with prominent knowledge leaders as Microsoft, Vision Ridge Technologies. He has extensive experience in detailed technical analysis of blockchain-related business models and propositions.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

IMPL coins are being listed on exchanges. Now IMPL's are available for buying on CryptoChange and Crex24

CryptoBridge is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that supports trading of most popular altcoins. The main innovation is elimination of a single point of failure when trading cryptocurrencies.


Crex24 is a Cyprus-based exchange that supports many altcoins and numerous fiat currencies. With an average of around $1M in daily trading volume and 2.6M estimated visitors per month.

Our news

The most interesting news about the project


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IMPLX coins in Chrome web extension

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