We currently offer Impleum wallets for Windows and Linux platforms. Soon will be able Mac OS X wallet.

Extract the zip folder you will now see the – Impleum-qt file Move this program to a safe place i.e C:\MyWallets\Impleum Right click Impleum wallet icon and select send to, then create shortcut on desktop. Double Click on Impleum-qt shortcut and run program This will then create files in your AppData folder. Then follow the #wallet guide to add the supplied peers.dat file After this the wallet should sync, which will take some time.

It is recommended to encrypt the wallet for security reasons, but if this is done, please make sure a strong, secure password is created, and don’t forget it! Write it down, store it somewhere safe such as Encryptr password manager – https://spideroak.com/personal/encryptr. The wallet needs to be unlocked for the staking of Impeum coins to occur, or they will be unable to enter your wallet.

No, we would not recommend sending them all at once. It is recommended to send a few coins first to make sure that they arrive where they are supposed to, then send bigger amounts.

Based on current difficulty it could takes hours or days depending on how much IMPL you have.

Yes you do. This will of course, use electricity and take it’s toll on your computer/device.

It’s based on 1.) the amount you are staking, and 2.) the network weight (which is the total amount being staked by everybody), found by hovering over the Impleum icon on the lower left side of the wallet.

An orphan block is encountered when two wallets stake the ‘next block’ for the blockchain at nearly the same time. Since there can only be only be one ‘next block’, one of those closely minted blocks gets deemed an orphan and forgotten. An orphan block is a block that was generated by your wallet, but rejected from the blockchain; any coins created within it are lost. Orphan blocks will happen from time to time on just about all blockchain’s including Bitcoin.

You will be able to identify an orphan block in two ways when looking at the transaction tab of your wallet; it will be shown in a light grey font and will also have a question mark icon beside it as shown below:

Always make regular backups of your wallet.dat file found in appdata folder to external storage such as a USB flash drive or a cloud based storage service, such as Google Drive, make sure you have a secure password on your Google/Cloud based storage.

The Market Cap can be calculated by taking the Circulation Supply found on the left side of the coin explorer page and multiplying it by the current trading price on the exchanges.

PoW block reward is 48 IMPL.

The Impleum mining algorithm is x13.

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