Inflation rate

IMPL coins are issued at a rate of 5 coins per Block — every 60 seconds, the more an individual stakes Impleum, the more IMPL coins is giving out as a reward. An incentive for users to contribute towards making a more secure POS-based network by staking their coins. Many of you, eager to start staking your IMPL will ask yourself this;

What is the total supply / inflation of the IMP coins?

To get a better understanding based on findings, as of 2018–08–21 there are 3 287 806 IMP outstanding. A common misconception I see all the time in the Impleum community regards the Inflation rate, since many individuals claims that the inflation rate is 79%. A new block is derived via POS about every minute, and 5 IMPL is generated perblock. This means, on average, about 7200 new IMPL are mined each day since there are 1440 minutes in a day. That equates to 2 628 000 new IMPL in a 365 day year. 2 628 000 /3 287 806= 0,79931723

So the inflation rate as of 2018–08–21 is about 79%, and this rate decreases as the total supply grows. However, we can assume that not everyone stakes their IMPL. This is what makes it seem like the inflation rate is greater than it is. Around 2 299 045 IMPL are staked right now on May 2018–08–21. This means that the 7200 IMPL generated per day are going to the holders of that 2 299 045 IMP. This would equate to earnings from staking equal to about 114% if 2299045 IMPL were being staked the entire year (2 628 000 /2 299 045 = 1,14308332).

It seems that Inflation of the IMPL coins is a measly around 79% based on 21th August Statistics, but people can earn a higher percentage than that simply because not everyone is interested or has the means to stakes their coins.


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