Eternal disputes about listing

Eternal disputes on when project needs to get its coin listed on exchanges. Judgements about it are drastically different: someone thinks the early listing a coin, the better and someone is sure that there are no reasons to hurry up with it. Both opinions have right for existence of, but everything depends on a set of factors and very individually on the project to the project. We adhere the second opinion, and now we tell you why.

We repeatedly became witnesses of as projects go to exchange early, without having strong marketing and development, and ”spilled” coin cost to one satoshi instantly. It is almost impossible to get out of a similar hole. Thus the developers personally ruin the project.

Marketing support and enlisting support of marketmaker are necessary or coming in to the stock market. Marketmaker won’t allow “to spill” the price tag below a certain level. However as all know the cost of marketing actions are high in the cryptocurrency sphere, occasionally at times higher than in any other field. It happened historically because of ICO projects. As a rule, they have rather a large marketing budget. However to projects without ICO, such as Impleum, is very difficult to give serious marketing support to the product. We have small pre-mined which is strictly regulated.

We left only 0,32%for the team, all pre-mined coins are distributed for needs of the project. Our team totals more than 20 members, and as is well-known development is financially expensive and labor-intensive.

We paid several bounties and airdrops, including our largest AirDrop. On the last one we verified more than 40,000 accounts and over 7,000 participants, which took above 1,000 hours of work.

We have allocated for marketing 11% from pre-mined coins. As was noticed earlier, the marketing cryptosphere is expensive, but despite of it we placed the articles in many publics, telegram groups and communities. Earnings from the sale of pre-mined intended for marketing are reinvested. Google results are Timeline proof it. Timeline shows all activities and updates.
To be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges costs much money. Of course, there are also free options, but we don’t consider them for a few of reasons: number of traders at an exchange, level and image of an exchange and etc. The larger exchange, the more users it has, so the probability that the coin will be in demand is  greater. For example, listing on the top exchanges (Binance, Pollonex, etc.) practically guarantees success. To get listed is necessary to interest the exchange, it is necessary to have a capitalization, so already to be traded on other exchanges. Respectively, we consider to the exchanges with more than average level.
For understanding of cost of listing we give several cuttings from our correspondence with exchanges:

CoinExchange.io – listing cost from 4 BTC

Exrates.me –  listing cost from 3 BTCStock.exchange – listing cost from 1.3 BTCSummarize, to get listed on exchange without marketing support, it is almost senselessly. That is why at the moment we are engaged in the accumulation of funds for carrying out difficulty of marketing actions when going to exchanges. By the way, listing of IMP is planned for the end of September – the beginning of October, depending on our progress on fundraising.

Dear community, if you want to accelerate process of listing IMP coin or to support our marketing plan, then you have an opportunity to buy IMP сoins from a pre-maned allocated to these needs on our partner service BTCIMP.trade.

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