Impleum Weekly Digest #1 January 11-18, 2019

January 11

Milestone achieved! Impleum Blockchain has just reached a block of 400,000.

Block #400,000 was generated on January 11, 2019. Impleum is over ten months old and growing strong!
We are purposeful, focused on the community and we grow.
See the Block Explorer here:

January 14

The Privacy Wallet is Decentralizing MasterNode client with TumbleBit support.

Impleum team released the testnet alpha of the Privacy Wallet, a decentralized, in-wallet privacy solution for Bitcoin.
It is an implementation of TumbleBit, a privacy protocol which uses a trustless tumbler that cannot steal BTC and cannot undermine the anonymity of the parties involved.
The Privacy Wallet uses an Impleum Masternode server to provide users with a very high anonymity set (and, therefore, privacy with regards to their activity) and to make BTC fungible.
In building the Privacy Wallet, Impleum have made a resounding commitment to improving the cryptocurrency space.
Follow the link and read more:

Impleum (IMPL) is Top 339 Coin by Market Capitalization (Not including tokens)

January 15

New Impleum ecosystem dApps.

Dear friends, in view of the growing interest of the cryptocurrency community to the Impuleum platform, our team decided to give some information on new decentralized applications (DApps) that are being prepared for the launch in the Impleum ecosystem. Several companies are already developing their products on the blockchain-based Impleum platform. Stay tuned for that.
Follow the link and read more:

We are happy to announce that @impleum will be listed on #SWFTBlockchain.

SWFT is a cross-chain wallet app that enables users to own, send, receive, and trade crypto directly, instantly, and securely with over 110 tokens listed.
Impleum is a powerful and scalable path to develop decentralized applications (DApps). Impleum has PoS v3.0 and profitable MasterNodes.
$IMPL trading starts on Jan 22, 2019!

January 16

January 16th day begins with good news about Impleum.

Market Cap $803 390 USD – 219 BTC
Volume (24h) $18 665 USD – 5,10 BTC
Circulating Supply – 4 004 028 IMPL
Total Supply – 4 241 411 IMPL

All what you need to know about Impleum?

The founders of the blockchain platform Impleum

talk about how interested in technology, how they launched their blockchain. The fact that innovation should work for the benefit of mankind, but at the same time they should be convenient for use.

Our new article about DApps (decentralized applications) is already on Medium.

You can read here:

IMPL at TOP-10 best coins at CoinMarketCap!!!

Biggest Gainers, where Volume (24h) is at least $50,000

January 18

Impleum has been listed on @CoinMarketDaddy (CMD).

For all the trading information, total Supply, current price, 1 hour change, 24 hour change, 7 days change, historical data , graph, calculator, convertor, reviews, statistics, and comments check out CMD twitter page @Coinmarketdaddy and visit

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