What is Impleum?

Impleum is an innovative end-to-end solution designed for implementation blockchain into mobile, web and desktop enterprise applications and other software. The core of Impleum platform is an object-oriented programming language C# with a huge developer community and suitable for a wide range of tasks. The Impleum project is based on rethought code of Bitcoin, Starts and NovaCoin.

Who is Impleum for?

Blockchain integration into mobile, desktop and web applications is reduced to deploying a node (network node) and setting up its connection with an integrated application through a documented API.
If you need to create a private blockchain (for example, you need a larger block size, transaction speed, more metadata), you can use the Impleum solution with predefined settings and pre-installed cloud servers.
In both cases, the integration of Impleum blockchain leads to an increase in the turnover of IMP coins on the market, which will ensure their liquidity. When blockchain integrated into the application, all its users will be able to receive rewards for actions inside the application with IMP coins and automatically become its holders. And when creating a private blockchain, payment for consulting services to Impleum developers will be carried out only in IMP coins, which leads to an increase in demand for coins.

PoS block Staking Rate:

 Status Block number Percents
1000 – 7200 500%
7201 – 14400 250%
14401 – 21600 500%
21601 – 28800 250%
28801 – 32400 1000%
32401 – 36000 500%
36001 – 43200 250%
43201 – 50400 500%
50401 – 57600 250%
57601 – 72000 250%
72001 – 75600 500%
75601 – 82800 250%
82801 – 90000 750%
90001 – 97200 250%
97201 – 100800 500%
100801 – 108000 250%
108001 – 115200 500%
115201 – 129600 250%

Mining Opportunities

Impleum based on a “pure” proof-of-stake, in the sense that PoW is used only for the initial distribution of the money supply before 100 000 block. PoW block reward is 48 IMP. Impleum Masternodes are computers that are constantly connected to the Impleum Network and perform certain tasks allowing Impleum to achieve faster and more private transactions. 


Ticker: IMP
Algorithm: x13 PoW/PoS
Address letter: I
Total Coin Supply: 100,000,000 IMP
Premine*: 1% (1,000,000 IMP)
rpcport: 16172
port: 16171
Base transaction fee: 0.0001 IMP
Blocktime: ~1 Minutes
PoW block reward: 48 IMP
PoW Blocks: 100,000
PoS: 10-1000% (Until 129,600)
PoS Start Block:  1,000

*Pre-mining does not participate in the PoS.



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